No need to feel lost after iPhone update?

I have a Google alert feed set up iOS and the iPhone. I know, ironic right, given Google mapping has been ripped from underneath it and we’re left with Apple junk. Well this article has shown up (, one of many that exemplifies how the mainstream media is missing the fundamental point on what’s broke in iPhone maps. Everything.

The problem with Apple’s mapping being broken isn’t one app, it’s about all the other things around it that are broken. For example, Siri used to know where “home” was and could set reminders when I arrived back. Since iOS6 its lost the plot, offers me the ability to specify “home”, then ignores it and just repeats the same list of options that include “home”.

Other things have also broken, any app that foolishly was using map services in iOS is now hosed if any type of address information is involved. The address to postcode or location mapping is fundamentally broken and it throws you anywhere in the vague area (within miles).

What really winds me up however is how Apple won’t:

– Admit the extent of the problem (and devs were reporting this six months ago in beta)
– Won’t say when they’ll fix it
– Claim you can just install someone else’s thing

Seriously? You’re the worlds biggest company and you’re more concerned with shipping an iPad mini before Christmas than addressing the goo that’s leaked out of your mapping.

Remember this is a company that doesn’t allow refunds, sells its products through contracts with other people and basically takes away all your rights through mandatory legal agreements, and has one of the most evasive anti-recycling policies in product design out there.

I’m sorry you have too much power, too little care, and saying sorry over and over again only gets you so far. In the end, you can keep your tech and your lack of empathy as this isn’t how such companies should behave and there’s better out there.

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