iPhone 4s Quirks

Yes the iPhone 4s is a fun little beast but it’s not without its foibles.  Here are my discoveries:

WiFi Off = Bleating Location Services
WiFi On = Bleating Connection Services

Yeah you can’t win.  If WiFi is off then the location services moan that they’re not as accurate only running on GPS; I presume as it makes it harder in buildings.  However if you turn WiFi On then you’re constantly annoyed by WiFi networks you can’t connect to.

WiFi Off = 3G = Battery Issues
Personal Hotspot = 3G = Battery Issues

Over time I think I’ve narrowed this problem down.  The 3G data demands in the iPhone use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat in the process.  Too much heat.

There’s clearly an issue.  I had wanted to run my iPhone 4S exclusively on my unlimtied 3G data plan, and augment it with a Personal Hotspot however now I’m not sure if I’ll kill the phone if I do.  The phone can burn 1% of battery per minute on 3G if you’re not careful and that generates MASSIVE amounts of heat.  I hope we see a 3G data patch soon.

Stuck Siri / Deaf Voice to Text

I think this problem is triggered by unreliable WiFi.  For some reason my home ISP is having traffic problems; with large data packets the packet error rate rockets.  In particular unusual data rather than normal web traffic; Microsoft Messenger for example has bugged out for weeks.

It was while half-connected to my home ISP that Siri stopped working, along with voice to text.  Wherever I went afterwards it was all broken.  The fix however was equally bizarre as there’s no “Siri” app to force closed:

  1. Settings->General->Siri->Off
  2. Power Off Phone (hold power then swipe)
  3. Power On Phone (hold power)
  4. Settings->General->Siri-On

In short, it needs some work.  In fact, Siri and the location services need some work.  For example, telling Siri to remind me about something when home is often evaded by my home WiFi.  Disconnecting from it results in a location reminder then appearing.

Whatever is going on, unreliable links are not its forte.  It’s a classic example of creating a product in a sandbox and then totally underestimating the real world.  Still, its software and updatable, so hopefully Apple will realise and unravel these problems.

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